Your hotel for the Dunkirk Carnival

There is the Rio carnival and the Venice carnival. Just as exotic and closer to home, the carnival in Dunkirk is also worth a visit!

The Dunkirk Carnival, a colourful event

It seems that in the north, everything is grey and sad. Those who support this idea have certainly never participated in the mythical carnival in Dunkirk! Colourful and joyful, this not-to-be-missed event is an integral part of local folklore. Dunkirk's regulars and curious tourists flock to share bawdy songs and dance together. The Dunkirk carnival is a true symbol of the welcome and generosity of the north. An opportunity to revive traditions, as the famous band of fishermen do so well, paying a musical tribute. But if there is one image that remains in everyone's mind, it is the famous jets of smoked herring. The mayor himself throws them at the crowd from his balcony. Proof that no one is beyond the reach of this event. Don't wait any longer: book a room in a hotel in the region now and come and celebrate the Dunkirk Carnival too. You have to do it early to make room!

Château de Cocove, your hotel for the Dunkirk Carnival

You will leave the crowd of the Dunkirk carnival with images in your head. The succession of colours and sounds you have witnessed will probably have no comparison with any other event in your life. And it is for this reason that you will need a soothing hotel, a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to rest fully. Not far from Calais and Dunkirk, there is a 4-star establishment that has everything you need to convince you. Starting of course with its comfortable rooms. This is Château de Cocove, a 4-star establishment near Calais and Dunkirk. The furniture of the rooms has been chosen with the greatest care to respect the soul of this prestigious 18th century castle. The colour harmonies are subtle and pleasant to please you better. But its situation is just as recommendable. In the middle of an 11-hectare green park, you can relax between two hectic days at the Dunkirk carnival! In total, this luxury hotel offers no less than 22 rooms, all with their own style. If you wish to enhance your experience and leave with memories as intense as the carnal of Dunkirk as your room, book one of the three pavilions of the castle.

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