Book your hotel in the north of France

Northern France is an unjustly ignored region, both in terms of tourism and professional activities. Explore it before anyone else and fall under its spell by booking a hotel in the north of France!

Find a sumptuous hotel in the north of France

Few regions have as many negative stereotypes as northern France. Sullen weather, gloomy cities, sad landscapes, slow economy... And yet, the reality can be very different! You have chosen to share good times with family or friends in the North of France? And you did the right thing! Your experience will depend on the activities you have planned. The region is full of treasures: the endless beaches of the Opal Coast, the lost villages of the Avesnois, the stunning architecture of Old Lille, the carnival of Dunkirk and many more! But your experience will also depend on the quality of your accommodation on site.

The north is not a second-rate destination. Just like the Vendée or the Côte d'Azur, this region deserves a certain consideration when it comes to choosing a room. Book your hotel in the North of France with the same criteria. Going to the north of France is like going off the beaten track. It's quite a program that the breathtaking Château de Cocove will help you plan!

Château de Cocove, your 4-star hotel in the north of France

Château de Cocove is an 18th century castle, now converted into a hotel in the north of France, not far from Calais. This 4-star establishment has all the equipment and facilities to make your stay an excellent one. At the bottom of a clearing and in the heart of an 11-hectare park, this exceptional hotel in northern France is enough to symbolize the best and most authentic in this forgotten region. By choosing this prestigious establishment, you will not only have the comfort of being able to rest in a pleasant room but also to enjoy an exceptional environment. Because staying in a beautiful hotel in the north of France often means staying near a river, a forest or a natural site of interest.

There are many in the region. From your hotel room in the north of France, you will never be far from nature, pastures and their tranquility, local breweries, traditional fairs and ancient estaminets. Book your room or cottage now at Château de Cocove, a luxury hotel in the north of France that is sure to seduce you!